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Terms & Conditions

St Albans Bouncy Castle Conditions of Hire:


1.   A responsible adult should be on hand at all times to supervise children and keep front of castle clear.



2.  There should be separate bouncing sessions for different age groups. Shoes must be removed, along with and hard, sharp or dangerous objects. Spectacles are best removed.



3.   Nobody must be allowed to climb or hang on the walls of the castle or bounce on the front step.



4.   Do not overload the castle & limit the number of users. This allows each child enough room to play safely. (Allow more or less depending on the size and weight of the child.)



5.   If the castle fails for any reason, evacuate immediately to prevent injury, switch off castle at the mains, then check the blower tube has not come off or untied, if so, slip tube back on & tie back up, switch back on at the mains. (If this does not work contact us).


6.   Beware, in wet conditions the castle will become very slippery.



7.   Never switch the blower on and off while the castle is in use.



8.   Occasionally check that the castle is still securely pegged down.



9. Water fights are fun but, do not spray water near the electric fan.



10. No food, drink or cigarettes to be taken into the castle. No silly string, party poppers or confetti to be used on/near the castle.


11. Persons under the influence of drink should not be allowed to use the equipment.



12. If the castle is dirty or damaged when collected the hirer will be liable and asked to pay for the full repair or to clean.



13. Please clear all objects including garden toys or furniture and ensure that the area where the castle will be located is reasonably flat.



14. Once set up the safe operation of the castle is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and the proprietors shall NOT be held responsible for ANY ACCIDENTS / INJURIES  however caused.

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